Reference Finance

Software Testing and Test Management in the financial sector

Contracting entity (principal)

Sector: Finance

Country: Germany

Location: Hanover

Employees: around 6,000

Performance requirements

Testing a sector-solution for a technical banking process. The tasks comprise in particular:

  • Execution of test cases
  • Classification and evaluation of software bugs
  • Internal correspondence with technical departments regarding test management

The test cases are predefined, and are also to be independently processed and documented taking into consideration the mandatory test procedures and time requirements. Errors are to be categorised, and made available to the specialist departments for validation.

univativ solution

Provision of a graduate with a degree in Business Sciences (M. Sc.) in a full-time capacity with particular expertise in HP Quality Center and MS Excel.

Project duration

3 months

Benefit for the Principal

Short-term and cost-effective compensation for the peak load incurred during the test operation. Workload relief for the internal test team.


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