Reference Automotive

Programming of a decision cockpit for tender evaluation in the automobile industry

Contracting entity (principal)

Sector: Automotive (Premium segment)

Country: Germany

Location: Munich

Employees: 100,000 worldwide

Performance requirements

Development of an automatic solution for management of bid contents for a worldwide IT tender, which should contain, among other things, the following functions:

  • Aggregation, formatting, export of bid contents
  • Representation of a decision and negotiation cockpit for the buyers’ selection discussions with potential suppliers

Included in the commissioned scope of service are: defined assignment packets for preparation and automation of imports, interface preparation and automation of result reporting.

univativ solution

Development of the desired tools on the basis of MS Excel through placement, on a part-time basis, of a qualified Master’s Degree student with expertise in informatics, and specific knowledge of MS Office, MS Excel, VBA and SQL.

Project duration

3 months

Benefit to the Principal

The commissioned Excel Tool was provided on time and according to budget. By deploying the software solution, the Principal’s negotiation guidance and selection discussions with potential suppliers were efficiently supported.


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