Reference Automotive

Materials management and work preparation in the automotive supply industry

Contracting entity (principal)

Sector: Automotive, leading supplier for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Country: Germany

Location: Hanover

Employees: 100,000 worldwide

Performance requirements

Support of the enterprise area “prototype production – soft parts” (foamed materials, upholstery, plastic components) for the following tasks:

1. Work preparation in prototype production (soft parts/metal structures)

  • Communicative interface between engineers, installers and project leadership
  • Components from suppliers in need of procurement and quality assurance
  • Responsibility for materials flow (on-schedule disposition of the components)
  • Generation of orders in SAP MM (Materials Management)
  • Escalation management during bottlenecks through the supplying enterprise

2. Materials management in the field soft parts:

  • Relief for the planning engineer through aforementioned points
  • Procurement of required components from suppliers
  • Escalation management of bottlenecks on the part of the supplying enterprise

univativ solution

For the abovementioned tasks a total of nine univativ employees will be placed full-time. This involves Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree graduates in Economic and Engineering Sciences who have SAP user experience and very good English skills. Due to the high priority of the project and the considerable deadline pressure, an above-average workload including Saturday work would be expected by the Principal.

Project duration

since June 2015 (on-going)

Benefit to the Principal

Due to the specifically-qualified support by univativ, the comprehensive project requirements were able to be successfully implemented. The quick and flexible availability and high willingness to perform on the part of the univativ employees have contributed particularly to this success. The Principal is hence in a position to adjust his capacities to the order situation and to manage his processes efficiently.


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