Reference Automotive

Assistance to project leadership in the automotive supplier industry

Contracting entity

Sector: Automotive, leading supplier for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Country: Germany

Location: Hanover

Employees: 100,000 worldwide

Performance requirements

Support of project leadership in the context of Programme Management for the production and development of seat structures and attachment parts in the following areas:

Maintenance of component stock-lists

Coordination of the release status of the components with various involved parties within the project team (among others, Purchasing, Quality Assurance)
Examination and assurance of availability of various components

univativ solution

univativ has provided (part-time for about 2 days per week) a Bachelor’s degree student in the course of study Industrial Engineering.

Project duration

Since April 2016 (on-going)

Benefit to the Principal

Due to personnel support by univativ, the Principal’s project leadership will be efficiently relieved in their workload, thus allowing them to better concentrate on their core tasks. Moreover, it was possible to shorten the response cycles to the benefit of higher productivity by the project team.


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