1. How quickly can you react when I need personnel?

That depends on the technical and organisational requirements that you impose upon the employee. You receive from us within a few days a response regarding how quickly we are able to competently fulfil your staffing needs. We even frequently have initial concrete suggestions for you then, and you are sent the first employee profiles, customised to fit your special staffing needs.

2. Do I have to worry that you would persistently change the employees (Regarding continuity)?

No. We note your requirements during the pre-discussion and also, of course, clarify the planned project duration at the same time. While selecting the employees, we make sure right away that they are available for the duration of the entire project as planned. Continuity is an important pillar in our concept for personnel services.

3. What happens if there is a change after all?

In the event that a change would become necessary, our Account Managers would make every effort to affect a smooth transition. Depending on the complexity of the project, a respective transitional phase would take place in which the new employee is provided with orientation, and a comprehensive transfer of knowledge is secured. This process is generally cost-neutral for the client.

4. How soon can you find a replacement in the event that someone quits?

That depends on the skills required. Usually, a suitable replacement can be found within a few days.

5. That depends on the skills required. Usually, a suitable replacement can be found within a few days.

With our workers, we are talking about completely ambitious junior staff who are highly motivated and want to show what they are capable of. They exhibit above-average dedication and put all they have into accomplishing a sustainable contribution to the success of the project. But it is true that studying for exams has the highest priority, although the dates for exams are usually posted at the beginning of the semester, thus easy to plan around. Before we propose a student to you, we discuss with him whether he has pre-determined dates during the time of the planned project. These are then coordinated with you in advance so that the collaboration can be respectively adjusted. Usually, exam phases can be compensated without problems through increased availability of personnel during the semester holidays.


6. How are you able to guarantee the quality of the candidate?

Our candidates’ quality is assured through a professional application management team using a multi-level selection process. In the first step, we filter out from more than 2,000 applicants per month those individuals who fulfil the fundamental suitability criteria as regards professional qualification, practical experience and language skills. Also included here is a detailed inspection of the application documents as well as a personal interview in which we examine the declarations, test the personal suitability of the candidate, and try to get to know his personal preferences. Moreover, we examine the task-specific suitability of our worker prior to each deployment on the basis of the respective job description provided by the client, and propose a candidate only once we are convinced of his suitability for a specific project. If the candidate also agrees, a personal introduction on your premises usually takes place, so that you are able to check the critical requirements in a personal interview.

7. How do you qualify your workers/how do you prepare the employee for the placement with us?

We offer our workers in the context of the univativ academy comprehensive training measures regarding personal and professional continuing education. We ascertain the specific qualification needs of each worker and train him/her in the respective skills prior to and/or during the deployment. These training sessions cover the field from tool-based individual intensive lessons to classroom events regarding various topics. We offer, moreover, a specific “ramp-up” training programme on request that is orientated to the client’s enterprise, so that the worker is familiar with the client’s particulars on site starting with the first day.

8. Why would candidates go to univativ and not apply for a job at one of your clients directly?

As a specialised personnel service provider, we offer our candidates exclusive advantages that can be found neither with our clients nor with other recruitment agencies:

  1. Candidates who have successfully gone through our pre-selection programme, become accessible to a broad spectrum of attractive jobs in many different sectors. With us, they are exposed to many exciting tasks with international firms and famous medium-sized companies, which are not announced on the open labour market.
  2. Candidates can benefit from a diversified training programme at the univativ academy and acquire, even during their university studies, important key qualifications.
  3. We get to know the majority of our candidates early on – during their studies. By the time they have finished, they will have worked on various client assignments while getting to know and appreciating the individual advisement approach and open enterprise culture of univativ. Univativ is thus in a position to offer, through professional continuing education and exciting projects with notable clients, a sustainably positive influence upon the professional career path of our candidates.
  4. Additionally, wages with univativ are appropriate. We pay fairly and performance-driven. It’s a good reason to initiate one’s career start through univativ.

9. Are your workers compensated appropriately?

We pay all of our employees fairly and reliably. That is an essential foundation of our self-perception as an attractive employer.

10. What is the contractual basis for your candidates’ employment?

Our workers are employed on the basis of employment contracts with social-insurance obligations. Payroll accounting is carried out in-house for reasons of quality assurance. In a few cases we also engage our candidates as freelancers, but only once the criteria for independence have clearly been fulfilled.


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