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Your partner concerning matters of human resources planning and placement

univativ provides companies with qualified students, graduates and young professionals for the optimisation of human resource management in projects and daily business. As the preferred partner for international and medium-sized enterprises in Germany and Switzerland, we have successfully specialised as talent acquisition planners in the junior-staff segment with tailor-made solutions in staff recruitment and outsourcing projects. You, too, can benefit from our cross-industry expertise in the area of human resource management.


How we support you in human resource services

univativ is a specialised human resources service provider for the temporary filling of vacancies in project and daily business through the application of qualified students, graduates and young professionals. As HR specialists, we offer, depending on your needs need, on demand support or managed services on the basis of various kinds of contracts – if desired, with an option to maintain the employee. We consider our human resources placement to be 'HRMaaS' – Human Resource Management as a Service – a staffing service that you can implement with flexibility in order to support your HR Management.
We are represented by more than 1,200 employees at 15 locations in Germany and Switzerland and have at our disposal more than 8,000 ambitious junior staff workers for your human resources placement. Our HR services cover all branches and emphasise the fields of IT, engineering and business administration.


Support on Demand

Do you have project-specific peak demand that requires you to temporarily support or bridge a vacancy in your team? There are numerous examples whereby you and your team can find relief while also yielding to the individual needs of the employees: An employee from the auditing department takes three-month parental leave, or an employee from IT support would like to take a sabbatical for a trip. Our human resources services can fill these temporary gaps with our targeted provision of personnel. Contact us concerning your needs in talent acquisition, and we will find the appropriate candidate for you, often after only a few days. Furthermore, you can get to know your candidates in the context of a personal interview.

Managed Services

Would you like to outsource a project process entirely or in part? Then we, as your HR specialist, are capable of putting together a team for you. You only need to define the performance parameters and we’ll take care of the rest – from recruitment and applicant management, to orientation and training, to team leadership and performance monitoring. Concentrate on your core competencies and let us take care of all assignments in staffing services – reliably and efficiently.

Weiterbildung bei univativ

High-performance recruitment and qualified specialists

univativ recruits their junior staff directly from the best universities and colleges in Germany and Switzerland. About 2,000 candidates pass through our applicant management system in a multi-step selection procedure every month. Only those who successfully complete this process can register as a candidate in our talent pool.
The talent pool comprises more than 8,000 students, career starters and young professionals, from which we can select at any time a suitable employee for your human resourcing needs: fast HR services with guaranteed quality. Our candidates come in from many varied subject areas, so that we can cover, as personnel service providers, a plethora of assignment areas. Based on a particularly high concentration of expertise, we can provide you with human resources in the fields of information technology (IT), business administration and engineering.

Expanding expertise at the univativ academy

We are however not satisfied only with recruitment of the most promising young talent. Our insights as HR specialists go far beyond this. We invest in a continuous and sustainable career training programme for our junior staff, thus investing in your talent pool: with our univativ academy we organise attractive career training sessions and workshops, which help to specifically prepare our candidate’s deployment with the client and to deepen his or her required know-how.


For the best collaboration

You can benefit from qualified and tailor-made HR support for your complex projects while providing your junior staff with the opportunity to demonstrate their professional qualifications and their motivation in practice. Talk with us if you are looking for an efficient partner who understands how to organise human resources collaboration between enterprises, students and young professionals to the advantage of all parties involved.


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