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Field report - Heiner

Please introduce yourself briefly: First name, age, degree program / education / degree, residence / area, hobby?

Name: Heiner Bartels
Age: 33
Course of study 1: Computer Science (without degree)
Course of study 2: Technical Journalism / Technology PR (Bachelor of Arts)
Education: Technical Assistant for Computer Science (State certified)
Residence: South of Nuremberg

My name is Heiner Bartels (33). I am a trained technical assistant for computer science and studied technical journalism / technology PR. At the moment I live with my girlfriend and my young son south of Nuremberg.

Describe yourself in three words

Generalist, realist, optimiser

What do you like about univativ? What don't you like about it?

Univativ is a door opener with a good approach for putting students and graduates into practical positions. In my view, the project offerings in the Nuremberg area are still too low.

In which industry are you currently working and what are your tasks?

Currently I am working in the IT department of a large market research company. My job consists of two reasonably equal parts. On the one hand, I am the front-end developer for web applications in an agile IT project and, on the other hand, I am responsible for communicating information about a large program to the company. My responsibilities also include the creation of KPIs, reporting and database design.

How was the working atmosphere in the company?

The atmosphere in the team is very good. The same applies to the higher-level departments and the project team.

Did you attend the events or the academy?

Yes. I liked it a lot and it was worthwhile for me personally. However, I was only able to use the knowledge to a limited extent in my daily work because my focus had changed.

Would you recommend univativ to your best friend? Why?

Yes. First and foremost, it does not hurt to enable someone's search for a good job. In addition, univativ takes care of many steps in the application process for the applicant.
The support is good and straightforward. And: without univativ I would have never heard of the project, which has been a perfect match for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years (and how did univativ help you with that)?

In five years I see myself in a position of leadership or project responsibility in IT or communication in the Nuremberg area. Univativ's training has helped me to sharpen my profile and has given me a new perspective. Sounds like bad marketing speak, but it's true.

What was your childhood dream (what did you want to be when you grew up)?

As a kid, my dream was to become an archaeologist and find dinosaurs. Later, I wanted to do "something" with computers or media. Now I can check off both as completed. I will also find the dinosaurs at some point.

What would you do if money didn't matter?

If money didn't matter, I would be co-owner of an agency or software company. But if I didn't have a coherent business idea, I would rather go on a world tour.


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