How univativ works

How does univativ work? It's actually quite simple:

We verify your documents and invite you to an introductory discussion. You can expect feedback from us quickly during our business hours.

New projects are available daily - continuing education for your professional development

If it's a good match, we will include you in our talent pool. From then on you will receive new project offers every day.
If you're interested, you can get a head start on continuing education before your project begins. At our academy, you can either take online courses or participate in on-site training. When you complete the courses, you will receive a certificate from us for submission in future applications. 

Joint preparation for your work in the company

Once in our talent pool, you will receive daily or weekly projects tailored to your chosen interests via email, or you can learn about new projects on our website. You can indicate interest in a job with just a few clicks. 

Let's go - there's nothing stopping you from launching your career!

If all goes well, you can start after consultation directly at the company site. If you have any questions, your supervisor is also available throughout the entire project period.

  • Fast and easy application 
  • Simply apply online with a few clicks at 
  • Quick response times

What happens after your project?

Nobody likes gaps in the CV. That's why your supervisor will contact you before the end of the project to talk about what will happen after your assignment is over. Of course, univativ offers exciting projects for you to start after your current assignment has ended; ideally you could also be hired by your project company.


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