1. What advantages do univativ offer me as a student?

Our job offers provide you with the opportunity to translate into practice your knowledge acquired at university – and this with renowned enterprises from various sectors. With us you can, furthermore, easily combine study and job under one umbrella. All advantages can be found here in an overview.

2. What advantages do univativ offer me as a career starter?

With univativ, you have the opportunity to get to know different types of enterprises and sectors. We offer you many exciting projects, thereby opening the doors to attractive entry positions. In the univativ academy, you can choose to be trained in diverse topics, thus advancing your professional development in accordance with your interests. Here you can find more advantages

3. What advantages do univativ offer me as a young professional?

Experienced professionals and lateral entrants find diverse challenges and attractive job opportunities with univativ. Sophisticated projects in various sectors offer you new developmental latitude, while our comprehensive continuing education offerings with the univativ academy support your targeted specialisation. Further advantages can be found here.

4. Why should I apply with univativ and not directly with one of our clients?

As a specialised personnel service provider, we offer you attractive advantages: 1. Diversity: Once you have successfully proceeded through our pre-selection process, you open up for yourself a broad spectrum of attractive jobs in entirely diversified sectors. In this way you are able to find exciting assignments with international firms and renowned medium-sized enterprises. 2. Continuing education: As a univativ employee, you benefit from the diversified training programme at univativ and are hence able to acquire important key qualifications or deepen pre-existing knowledge. 3. Wage: Additionally, the wages at univativ are appropriate. We compensate performance-related and fairly. This is another good reason to carry out your career start with univativ.

5. What is the univativ talent pool?

Once you have convinced us with your application in the personal interview, we will accept you immediately into the univativ talent pool, i.e. your profile will be filed in our data base along with your key interests. From this point on, you receive preferential access to the univativ projects and are among the first to find out about new projects. Moreover, we are able to approach you early on concerning suitable projects. Furthermore, you will all be informed immediately when new exclusive training sessions or univativ events are about to take placein your region. For you as a univativ employee, these training sessions are of course free-of-charge.

6. I have absolutely no professional experience. Can I still apply?

Yes, because relevant experience from voluntary activities of hobbies also count with us. If in doubt, you are welcome to contact us: Contact 

7. Once I am in the talent pool, how long does it take before I’ll get a job offer from univativ?

This depends on the currently posted positions and your qualifications. In order to shorten this process, you are free to send us an application on your own initiative. If your profile and qualifications are compatible with univativ, we will invite you in for an interview and decide together with you whether you are suited for our talent pool. Then when a suitable project emerges, you are already one step closer, and things can start happening quickly. Of course, you can get your own first impression of the univativ offerings by reading our jobs newsletter, and then making a targeted application for a specific position.

8. How much can I earn with univativ?

We are not able to specify the compensation. We place high value on fair wages and we pay you according to your qualifications and assignment. Above and beyond an appropriate payment, you can benefit from a comprehensive continuing education offering in our univativ academy.

9. Why are there no specifics about the company in the job offers?

In order to uphold confidentiality, we only specify the sector in our job offerings, but not the concrete name of our clients. Moreover, our job postings include all information regarding the respective task and the necessary requirements concerning qualifications, time availability and work location. As soon as possible, of course, we will tell you the name of the client.

10. What is the normal duration of a project?

The duration of your employment varies, and you can get a good idea for yourself from our job exchange.

11. What happens after a project?

After successful completion of your assignment with the client, you can of course receive an employment reference from univativ and can then decide for yourself whether you would like to look for a new project right away or if you’ll go back to the university.

12. What are my scheduled hours like during the semester and/or during my exams?

As a student during the semester, you can usually gain up to 20 hours of experience per week in client projects with univativ – your studies come first! Once you have more non-study time and very little stress during the university breaks, you can increase your hours after consultation with the client in order to increase your holiday savings.

13. I applied some time ago, but still haven’t received an answer to my application. Why?

It is our standard to process your application as quickly as possible. In the event that you haven’t received an answer for quite a while, take another look in your incoming email and make sure that our email wasn’t “delayed” in your spam filter for some reason. When in doubt, you can get in touch with the contact person in the job offer, and we would be glad to help you to get the information.

14. Do I have a better chance of getting a job if I apply for many different projects at the same time?

No. If you have already sent off an application, you don’t have to apply for further applicable offers in order to be offered further suitable job postings. You can relax and leave the work to us.

15. Are there jobs with univativ for candidates who have already completed their training programme, or for lateral entrants?

Yes. Our project diversity also offers good opportunities for applicants who have completed their professional training (IT sector in particular), or lateral entrants. Take a look at our jobexchange or apply here.

16. What kinds of contracts are there with univativ?

With univativ, various contract models are utilised. Which contract we offer to you depends primarily on the guidelines and/or project requirements.

17. How likely am I to actually get a job offer from the customer?

An acquisition is possible as a rule, but it is always at the discretion of the client and depends on your personal preferences. What exact possibilities exist will be examined individually for each specific case. Therefore, please understand that we are not able to provide a generally valid statement in this regard.


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